One-stop Solution for Cross-border E-commerce

  • Channel Operation

    Integration of high-quality channel resources and distribution resources for the brand to choose appropriate channel resources, the rapid establishment of overseas brands in the Chinese market sales channels, to achieve full coverage of the brand in the Chinese market.

  • Flagship Store Operation

    Providing comprehensive and professoinal cross-border E-commerce service, including strategy consulting and full operation, and assisting the brand to immdieately start sales in Chinese market

  • IT System Support

    With perfect electricity management system, all-round to provide technical support for cross-border brand.

  • Digital Marketing

    Cyclical analysis of brand operating data, consumer behavior and other data, and provide timely solutions to achieve the brand in the Chinese market benign advance.

  • Warehousing and logistics

    For the brand to provide a comprehensive integrated cross-border logistics solutions to reduce the brand's logistics costs, enhance the customer's core competitiveness.

  • Brand Marketing

    For the rapid construction of overseas brands from the strategic consulting, product positioning, visual planning to electric commercial retail, operational support, support of supply chain, logistics, warehousing as one of professional cross-border electricity full-service, boost brand fast start in the Chinese market sales.
    NYSO, including 4 major E-commerce business divisions, to create cross-industry and multi-category E-commerce ecosystem, covering beauty, health care, maternal and child, digital products.

  • Customer Service

    Professional brand customer service team, efficient reaction speed, improving customer experience.

  • 24+

    Brand Flagship Stores

  • 35+


  • 4000+

    Overseas Hot Products

  • Cross-border E-commerce
    Ecological Services

  • B2C


    Providing all-round services of the professional cross-border e-commerce for overseas brands from strategic consultation, product positioning, visual design to e-commerce retail, operation support, supply chain support, logistics warehousing as one, to help brands to quickly start their sales business in the Chinese market.

  • B2B


    Providing comprehensive and professional cross-border e-commerce service, including strategy consulting and full operation, and assisting brands to start sales immediately in Chinese market.

  • BBC


    With China's 10 million small and medium-sized distributors and cross-border e-commerce sellers as the target, providing one-stop service including procurement, warehousing, order management, customs clearance, logistics , helping the brands to establish comprehensive sales system.